Treatment of hernias in the groin and abdominal cavity is the most common operation in general surgery. In SOVMINKA it has been carried out for several years with the help of laparoscopy. This intervention has significant advantages over other types of hernia removal:

• the risk of recurrence of the protrusion is reduced;

• fast healing;

• absence of scars or other skin defects;

• reduction of the rehabilitation period to 1–2 weeks;

• absence of chronic pain syndrome;

• the patient stays in the hospital for 1-2 days.

– In Kazakhstan, far from all hospitals perform such operations, colleagues from other clinics came to us to study, we have been performing these operations since 2016, – said the surgeon of the highest category of the Department of Surgery Yerlan Akkaliyev, – We perform about 20 such operations per year , they are all successful.

The intervention is minimally invasive, so healing is fast. During the recovery period, a person only needs to eat right and do simple physical exercises to strengthen muscle tissue. Especially in the area of ​​the diaphragm.

For any questions, please contact during business hours by phone:

+7 727 261 04 50;

+7 727 272 60 00.

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