Gastroenterology Department

Gastroenterology Department
Adibay Zhanat Oryngalikyzy Department Head gastroenterologist of the highest category

Nowadays, gastroenterologists often point to the fact that diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are leading among the diseases of other internal organs. And this is not surprising since in modern life there is often no way to eat healthy and wholesome food. We rush, take bites on dry rations, eat fast-food, and neglect sports and outdoor activities.

All this can result in discomfort or pain in the intestine and stomach – and such symptoms are a reason to visit a gastroenterologist. Even common heartburn or nausea, flatulence, or stool disorder can be the first symptoms of a dangerous disease, and only a qualified gastroenterologist can give a professional assessment of the case.

We invite you to get tested and receive treatment of possible diseases in the Gastroenterology Department of the Central Clinical Hospital (SovMinka).

The SovMinka Hospital ensures its patients’ safety according to JCI international quality standards.

We carry out diagnostics and treatment using PREMIUM class equipment from leading Japanese, German, American, and Korean manufacturers.

Research and diagnostics are carried out in the largest multidisciplinary laboratory of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, which is the leader in reliability and speed of testing.

In our Department, the patients stay in cozy single, two- and three-bed wards of the 4-5* hotel level fitted with everything necessary for a comfortable stay (individual bathroom, shower, comfortable beds, and much more).

All patients are monitored in the inpatient hospital and receive nutrition therapy including not only the existing standard diets, but it also means personalized service for severely ill patients with protein-energy deficiency, for postoperative patients, for patients with food intolerance, as well as for patients suffering from different kinds of comorbidities.

The doctors of the department have received graduate education and re-training in the best clinics of near and far abroad countries (Spain, Russia).

In the course of therapy, we practice a comprehensive approach to the digestive system organs by administering diet therapy, nutrition regimen, physical therapy, yoga, and many other modern methods.

Head of the Department – Zhanat Oryngalikyzy Adibay, Gastroenterologist of the First Qualification Category. She has completed her clinical internship in the specialty “Internal Diseases.” She was awarded the jubilee medal “25 years of Independence of Kazakhstan”, Honorary Certificate of the Akim of Almaly District of Almaty City (2015), Honorary Certificate of the Medical Center at the Department of Presidential Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2015).


Aiman Bakbergenovna Ospanbekova – Gastroenterologist of the Highest Qualification Category.

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