Center for MRI and Computed Tomography

Center for MRI and Computed Tomography
Useinova Beynegul Kakimovna
Head Department

There are many different indications for MRI and Computed Tomography (CT). These are the main symptoms and diseases in case of which your doctor can send you for MRI or CT examination:

MRI or CT scan of a spine segment is required in case of lumbar pain radiating into a lower limb, even after the smallest trauma;
MRI or CT scan to exclude a tumor, inflammatory brain disease or stroke is required in case of persistent headaches, especially with vomiting in the morning or loss of consciousness, accompanied by convulsions;
MRI or CT scan of the chest to exclude tuberculosis or lung tumors, chronic lung diseases is required in case of prolonged cough, general weakness, sweating, weight loss or detection of insufficiently clear changes on the chest radiogram;
MRI or CT scan of the abdominal cavity, retroperitoneal space is required if you suffer from abdominal pain, loss of weight, anemia, jaundice of the skin, sclera, or if any formation has been found by ultrasonography.
In each case, the decision for MRI or CT scanning is made individually, after consulting the patient.

We ensure the safety of our patients according to JCI international quality standards. JCI is the most unbiased and prestigious international certification in the field of health care. This certificate confirms the compliance of a medical organization to the “gold standard” of quality – the internationally recognized medical and administrative standards, as well as the requirements for ensuring international patient safety goals.

The MRI and CT Center is equipped with expert class tomographs:

Computed 64-slice multispiral tomograph SOMATOM Definition by SIEMENS,
Magnetic resonance tomograph with a magnetic field intensity of 1.5 Tesla;
Automatic injector for intravenous bolus introduction of the MISSOURI contrast agent by Ulrich Medical.
The Center offers the whole range of currently known imaging examinations.

Except for routine techniques, we offer highly specialized examinations:

CT angiography of all vascular pools of the body,
CT coronary angiography,
MR mammography with the modern contrast agent (BI-RADS),
MRI of the prostate for early cancer detection (PI-RADS), etc.
The department employs highly qualified personnel (doctors of the highest qualification category, Candidates of Medicine who have repeatedly undergone internships in foreign and neighboring countries), as well as trained, polite nursing staff. We will answer all questions regarding your health.

Our specifics is that in our Department, the doctors conduct examinations, print and interpret images to avoid their low information level. At that, the doctor can:

get acquainted with the patient’s medical record, lab test results and former examinations, talk to the patient, clarify the history of the disease, assess the dynamics of the process, etc. before conducting examination;
increase the scope of examination taking into account a detected pathology, decide on a contrast agent infusion;
in complex cases, discuss with his colleagues, including external consultants (honored radiologists Yu.V. Grushin, G.S. Akhmetova, etc.), as well as with the attending physician and narrow profile specialists.
In acute cases, the results are available in 20-30 minutes and are immediately reported to the attending clinician to conduct urgent treatment measures.

It is no secret that an incomplete CT or MRI examination leads to diagnostic errors, the need for repeated examinations. It affects the price and most importantly leads to the late detection of pathology, which is especially critical in cancer patients.

Dear patients! Your attending physician shall determine the diagnostic method you need (CT or MRI). Still, if you could not receive an appointment card, our doctors can consult you by phone helping to choose the most optimum and safe radiological method.

For any details or examination appointment, call us at:

8 (727) 261-97-85 (MRI office), 8 (727) 261-97-34 (CT office).

Head of the Center:

Beinegul Kakimovna Useinova

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