Intervention Cardiology and Endovascular Surgery Department

Intervention Cardiology and Endovascular Surgery Department
Makhanov Daniyar Indemesovich
Head Department
doctor of the highest category

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the leading cause of death worldwide: no other reason leads to the death of so many people annually. It is estimated that 31% of all deaths result from CVD, and 85% of these deaths were the result of a heart attack or stroke.

Many cardiovascular diseases flow almost unnoticed.

We recommend a visit to our doctors to prevent the first cardiac accidents and strokes in people with moderate or high cardiovascular risk or those with particular risk factors such as diabetes, hypertension, and hypercholesterolemia.

Intervention Cardiology Department of the Central Clinical Hospital, JSC helps treating atrial fibrillation, paroxysmal tachycardia, and extrasystole, while ensuring the safety of patients pursuant to JCI international quality standards.

PREMIUM class equipment produced by leading Japanese, German, American, and Korean manufacturers is applied for diagnostics and treatment of various CARDIOLOGICAL diseases.

Research and diagnostics are carried out in the largest multidisciplinary laboratory of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, which is the leader in reliability and speed of testing.

Our patients stay in cozy double and triple wards of the five-star hotel level fitted with everything necessary for a comfortable stay (individual bathroom, shower, comfortable beds, and much more).

All patients are under inpatient monitoring. They also receive nutrition therapy, including not only the existing standard diets. We offer an individual approach to serious patients with protein-energy deficiency, postoperative patients, patients with food intolerance, and different comorbidities.

The patients are admitted on a paid basis and via the portal (in the framework of the Guaranteed Volume of Free Medical Care).

The doctors of the department have received graduate education and re-training in the best clinics of near and far abroad countries (Israel, South Korea, Germany, China, Russia).

Daniyar Indemesovich Makhanov, the Head of the Intervention Cardiology Department, is a cardiologist with of the Highest Qualification Category. He has graduated from S.D. Asfendiyarov Kazakh State Medical University in 1999 and has 16 years of medical experience as a doctor.

The department provides scheduled and emergency cardiovascular care and a wide range of surgical interventions in coronary pathology, arrhythmology, endovascular surgery, and vascular surgery.

We always have an opportunity to conduct a video counseling session with foreign colleagues and worldwide experts in cardiology care under partnership agreements.

We offer the most advanced and minimally invasive methods of diagnostics and treatment, including:

Selective coronary angiography;

Coronary arteries stenting;


Bypass angiography;


Cardiac cavities catheterization;

Implantation of single chamber cardiac pacemaker;

Implantation of double chamber cardiac pacemakers;

Implantation of triple chamber cardiac pacemakers (resynchronizing);

Implantation of cardioverter defibrillators (ICD);

Installation of a temporary pacemaker;

Angiography and renal vascular stenting (renovascular hypertension);

Angiography, balloon angioplasty, lower extremities vessels stenting;

Cervical vessels angiography with stenting;

Uterine arteries embolization;

Prostate arteries embolization;

Installation of long-term venous catheters (for hemodialysis, chemotherapy, long-term antibiotic treatment);

Endovascular treatment of thoracic and abdominal aortic aneurysms (stent-graft installation).

“Healthy vessels are the key to your longevity.”

Head of the Department:

Daniyar Indemesovich Makhanov – Cardiologist of the Highest Qualification Category.

The staff of the Department:

Samat Toleukhanovich Yerzhanov – Angiosurgeon, Physician of the First Qualification Category.
Yerdan Salavatovich Maidyrov – Cardiologist of the Second Qualification Category.
Anuar Zhaparovich Tolemisov – Radiologist of the Second Qualification Category.

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