The Central Clinical Hospital JSC in Almaty offers you and your family members who have recovered from Covid-19, pneumonia and other diseases a course of rehabilitation.

Central Clinical Hospital is a multi-profile hospital located in Almaty that has been providing high-quality medical services for more than 90 years, both for residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan and for foreign citizens.

Our hospital is one of the first clinics in Kazakhstan to be accredited by the JCI international standard for the quality of medical services. JCI is the gold quality standard for medical organizations and allows you to: improve patient safety, improve the quality of treatment and care, strengthen the trust of patients, society, insurance companies, etc.

The climatic conditions of Almaty allow for rehabilitation throughout the year without the risk of hypothermia. The clinic has an exercise therapy room equipped with the latest technology, a physiotherapy department, a mud bath, and salt mines. The hospital’s specialists have wide practical experience in the rehabilitation of patients with a therapeutic and surgical direction.

The rehabilitation course includes:

  • Consultation of narrow specialists;
  • Profile treatment (treatment of complications caused by Covid-19, pneumonia, etc.);
  • Exercise therapy;
  • Breathing exercises;
  • Electrotherapy (electrical stimulation, medicinal electrophoresis, magnetotherapy);
  • Phototherapy (laser therapy, ultraviolet radiation, polarized light treatment);
  • HBO (oxygen therapy);
  • Halotherapy (treatment in a salt mine);
  • Medicinal phonophoresis;
  • Massotherapy;
  • Inhalation therapy;
  • Psychotherapy;
  • Health food and much more.
  • We offer accommodation for patients in VIP, deluxe and junior suites.

The territory of the hospital is located in the cultural center of Almaty. The hospital buildings are surrounded by pathways, places for patients to rest, including: flower beds, alcoves and fountain compositions, which contribute to the early healing and rehabilitation. 

For rehabilitation, you can contact by:

+7 727 272 60 02

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