First Aid and Emergency Department

According to the National Scientific and Practical Society of Emergency Medical Care, in recent years, tactical errors have accounted to 14-30% of all defects in the provision of first aid to the sick and injured, and in some cases they caused the prehospital death of patients. The frequency of certain types of tactical errors (for example, violations of hospitalization procedure) reaches 40%. The reasons for common defects in tactics are both a poor discipline of medical staff, their low professional level and other individual reasons, and the organizational shortcomings in the operation of First Aid stations.

First aid services provided by the Central Clinical Hospital (SovMinka) exclude tactical errors and ensure the patients’ safety according to JCI international quality standards. JCI is the most unbiased and prestigious international certification in the field of health care. This certificate confirms the compliance of a medical organization to the “gold standard” of quality – the internationally recognized medical and administrative standards, as well as the requirements for ensuring international patient safety goals.

The hospital is located in the center of Almaty which ensures prompt delivery of care to the patients.

The Department was arranged for providing emergency medical services for adult patients in case of accidents and sudden serious diseases that occurred at home, outdoors, during work hours and at night, during mass poisoning and other threatening conditions.

The Department offers the following services:

  • emergency day-and-night care.
  • social assistance and any transportation of patients (from home and/or hospital to any other institution, railway station, airport, to the place of residence and treatment)
  • medical assistance to the patient all over Kazakhstan.
  • various manipulations (ECG, blood glucose level, all types of injections)

We carry out diagnostics and treatment using PREMIUM class equipment from leading Japanese, German, American, and Korean manufacturers.

Research and diagnostics are carried out in the largest multidisciplinary laboratory of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, which is the leader in reliability and speed of testing.

This is evidenced by:

  • RIQAS (Randox International Quality Assessment Scheme, UK) – the largest international EXTERNAL QUALITY ASSESSMENT system which is applied by more than 45,000 participating laboratories in 133 countries of the world.
  • International external control and quality assessment programs – EQAS (USA).
  • Compliance of medical laboratories with quality and competency requirements ST RK ISO 15189-2015

In our hospital, the patients are accommodated in cozy single, double, and triple wards at the level of a four-five-star hotel, fitted with everything necessary for a comfortable stay (private bathroom, shower, comfortable beds, and much more).

All patients are under inpatient monitoring. They receive appropriate healthy nutrition in standard regimens and more, with an individual approach to serious patients with protein-energy deficiency, postoperative patients, patients with food intolerance, and different comorbidities.

“Live happily ever after!”

Head of the First Aid and Emergency Department:

Amirov Daniyar Borambayevich – Master of public health

Emergency round-the-clock medical services:   

261-12-79,  261-12-80,  261-12-89

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