Urolithiasis is treated in Sovminka

Urolithiasis – the formation of stones in the kidneys, bladder, ureters and urethra – today the scourge of urology. The factors provoking the development of the disease in women and men can be very different – a metabolic disorder in the body, congenital anomalies in the structure of the kidneys, climatic conditions, dietary habits, and the composition of drinking water. Also, common factors of stone formation include a violation of the metabolism of vitamins A and D, a bacterial infection of the urinary tract, and taking certain medications. The symptomatology of the disease depends on the shape, size, localization of stones, quantity and their mobility. Sometimes motionless small stones can form in the kidneys for years without causing any inconvenience to a person, while one stone with an uneven surface can pass into the ureters and cause severe pain in the lumbar region and in the urinary tract.

The department of urology of SOVMINKA uses both conservative treatment and leading surgical techniques. The staff of the department are candidates of sciences, masters and doctors of the highest category. In the treatment, they use minimally invasive methods – endoscopic with the use of laser technology, remote shock wave lithotripsy.

-These diseases, unfortunately, occur at different ages and most often patients come with a neglected form, – said the head of the department Aidar Begalin, – And although it is difficult to prevent the disease, it will not hurt to monitor your health, undergo screenings and check-ups.

The department of urology of SOVMINKA uses the most modern technologies. Every day, doctors perform successful operations and help patients cope with ailments in the most comfortable conditions.

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