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Much has been written about the danger of delaying a visit to the doctor for various diseases. There is no point in repeating this once again. This is really dangerous, and a reasonable person should have no doubt about it. However, this is true not only for diseases. Different medical certifications, medical commissions, periodic health examinations… When do the majority of visitors come for these purposes? A week before at best, or even a day or two before the deadline for submission of documents.

What you need to do to come to a polyclinic? For those who are accustomed from childhood that a 15-minute visit to the doctor requires a long wait in the queue at the reception, this question seems difficult and unsolvable, and they do not want to ever come to a polyclinic.

In fact, everything is much easier. The Central Clinical Hospital (SovMinka) offers 2 ways to schedule an appointment. First of all, you can register in a traditional way – at the reception; second, you can make an appointment remotely – by phone. Now you do not have to come to the polyclinic at 6 AM to schedule an appointment, and there are reasons for this. Electronic and telephone registration has considerably reduced the queues to the receptionists: you can just come, register an appointment, and receive your ticket. In your first visit to the polyclinic, you can leave an application for registration, and next time schedule an appointment by phone.

Why to choose us?

  1. The Center for Medical Services of SovMinka Hospital ensures the patients’ safety according to JCI international quality standards. JCI is the most unbiased and prestigious international certification in the field of health care. This certificate confirms the compliance of a medical organization to the “gold standard” of quality – the internationally recognized medical and administrative standards, as well as the requirements for ensuring international patient safety goals.
  2. We carry out diagnostics and treatment using PREMIUM class equipment from leading Japanese, German, American, and Korean manufacturers.
  3. Research and diagnostics are carried out in the largest multidisciplinary laboratory of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, which is the leader in reliability and speed of testing.

This is evidenced by:

  • RIQAS (Randox International Quality Assessment Scheme, UK) – the largest international EXTERNAL QUALITY ASSESSMENT system which is applied by more than 45,000 participating laboratories in 133 countries of the world.
  • International external control and quality assessment programs – EQAS (USA).
  • Compliance of medical laboratories with quality and competency requirements ST RK ISO 15189-2015
  1. The doctors received specialization and training in the best clinics in CIS countries and non-CIS countries (Israel, South Korea, Germany, China, Russia).

List of outpatient specialists:










*gynecologist, etc.

Our caring personnel will surround you with attention and care; even the most demanding and critical patient will be satisfied with our services. The use of highly precise, high-tech, modern medical equipment enables accurate diagnostics and allows choosing the proper and efficient treatment.

A wide range of experts in 23 medical specialities, from therapist to highly specialized doctors, will help you solve many health problems. Our specialists provide personalized care for each patient in a cozy and comfortable environment. The Department offers functional diagnostics, ultrasound diagnostics, duodenal intubation, various manipulations, and much more. The Department also has an outpatient surgery centre with a surgery room and a bandaging room which offers the full scope of outpatient surgical manipulations.

We stand on guard of your health!

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