Center for Neurosurgery

Center for Neurosurgery
Berdikhodzhaev Mynzhylky Saylauovich

Head of the Center for Neurosurgery.
neurosurgeon of the highest category, X-ray surgeon.

Brain and spinal trauma, tumors are located in anatomically complex and sensitive areas. The treatment of such lesions is particularly tricky for physicians and requires not only the problem elimination per se but also a preservation of the anatomy and functional elements of the body. Therefore, the relevant surgical skills and advanced technologies are the guarantees of successful treatment outcomes.

Central Clinical Hospital JSC offers all types of neuroendovascular interventions on the brain and spinal cord, endovascular neurosurgery of acute stroke, interventional treatment of pain syndrome – radiofrequency ablation in trigeminal neuralgia and back pain, microsurgical interventions on the brain and spinal cord, surgical interventions in cerebral ischemia, endoscopic surgery in hernia of intervertebral disk.

Center for Neurosurgery of Central Clinical Hospital JSC ensures the safety of its patients pursuant to JCI international quality standards.

PREMIUM class equipment produced by leading Japanese, German, American, and Korean manufacturers is applied for diagnostics and treatment of various neurosurgical diseases.

Research and diagnostics are carried out in the largest multidisciplinary laboratory of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, which is the leader in reliability and speed of testing.

All patients are under inpatient monitoring. They also receive nutrition therapy, including not only the existing standard diets. We offer an individual approach to serious patients with protein-energy deficiency, postoperative patients, patients with food intolerance, and different comorbidities.

Medical procedures are made by highly qualified doctors of the highest professional level with long-term medical experience.

The staffs of the Department are fluent in Kazakh, Russian, and English.

The Department of Neurosurgery continuously conducts master-classes and international conferences.

The staffs of department cooperate with leading neurosurgeons of the near and far abroad countries; they consult and, if necessary, conduct conjoint treatment in our clinic.

Patients are accommodated in cozy wards at the level of a five-star hotel, equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay (private bathroom, shower, comfortable beds, and much more).

The patients are admitted on a paid basis and via the portal (in the framework of the Guaranteed Volume of Free Medical Care).

We offer the following surgical manipulations:

 Neuroendovascular operations:

#Endovascular embolization for cerebral aneurysm; Arteriovenous malformation of cerebral vessels; arteriovenous fistula of cerebral vessels; carotid-cavernous fistula.

#Endovascular embolization of the ethmoid artery – nasal bleeding (in case of failure of nasal tamponade).

#Endovascular stenting – stenosis and occlusion of cervical and cerebral vessels.

#Endovascular mechanical thrombi extraction, thrombectomy – ischemic stroke in the therapy window (0-6 hours from the onset of symptoms).

#Diagnostic selective cerebral angiography.

Micro neurosurgical operations:

#Extra-intracranial microvascular anastomosis – obstruction (occlusion) of cerebral vessels; Moya Moya disease; Chronic cerebral ischemia.

#Microsurgical removal of the tumor – spinal and brain tumors.

#Microvascular decompression – neurovascular conflicts: Hemi facial spasm (twitching, face and neck muscles spasm); Trigeminal neuralgia (severe facial pain); Glossopharyngeal neuralgia.

Surgery in degenerative diseases of the vertebral canal (degenerative disc disease):

#Microscopic and endoscopic removal of the herniated nucleus pulposus (HNP).

#Vertebroplasty – compression vertebral fracture; osteoporotic fracture; hemangioma of the vertebral body.

#Decompression of the vertebral canal; Stabilization by metal structure – spinal canal stenosis; spinal instability; vertebral displacement and listhesis.

#Selective blocking in case of chronic and acute pain: Chronic back pain; Pain syndrome of the SI joint, facet joints (facet syndrome, facet joint syndrome); occipital neuralgia (occipital neuralgia (occipital nerve pain).

#Radiofrequency ablation, radiofrequency thermocoagulation, RF denervation – Trigeminal neuralgia; Chronic back pain; Pain syndrome of the SI joint, facet joints (facet syndrome, facet joint syndrome); occipital neuralgia (occipital nerve pain).

#Decompressive cranial trepanation; Removal of intracranial hematomas (epidural hematoma; subdural hematoma; intracerebral hematoma) – craniocerebral injury, dislocation and displacement of the midline cerebral structures. 

#Plastic surgery of the skull defect by bone cement or titanium plate – consequences of craniocerebral injury, postoperative skull defect.

#Ventriculoperitoneal shunting, installation of programmed shunts – Dropsy of brain, hydro cranium.

Microsurgery operations on peripheral nerves:

# Neurolysis; Peripheral nerve suturing – tunnel syndrome; traumatic injuries and consequences of the peripheral nerves damage.

Head of the Department:

Mynzhylky Sailauovich Berdikhodzhaev – Master of Public Health, Neurosurgeon of the Highest Qualification Category, Х-ray surgeon.

 Marat Amangalievich Sarshaev – Neurosurgeon of the First Qualification Category, Х-ray surgeon.

The staff of the Department:

Maksat Gabitovich Musabekov – Neurosurgeon of the Highest Qualification Category, Х-ray surgeon.
Nurzhan Abylovich Suleimankulov – Neurosurgeon of the First Qualification Category, Х-ray surgeon.

Saida Abdugapparbekovna Ainekova – doctor of neuropathology of the First Qualification Category

Daulet Shaikibekovich Suyembetov – Neurosurgeon of the First Qualification category, Х-ray surgeon

Mahanbetkhan Shayakhmet Shorekhanuly – neurosurgeon.

Mirzakhmetov Makhmut Muratovich – doctor of neuropathology

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