The first operation was performed on a patient with Parkinson’s disease in the SOVMINK of Almaty under the quota of the State Observatory of Comorbidity and Compulsory Medical Insurance. A center for the surgical treatment of Parkinson’s disease was opened on the basis of the hospital, where such patients can now be operated on. The operations are performed by Chingiz Shashkin, a well-known neurosurgeon, candidate of medical sciences, who specializes in implantation of neurostimulators in the brain and spinal cord.

-Of course, the operation will not give a complete recovery, but it will significantly improve the quality of life for such patients, because their muscles stop working. To do this, we introduce thin electrodes into the patient’s brain, which are connected to a neurostimulator, which is implanted subcutaneously in the chest area under the collarbone. The first patient operated on in Almaty on a free quota is 70 years old, 8 of them he suffered from a trembling form of the disease. In total, there are 30 thousand such patients in Kazakhstan, mostly elderly people, although I had a 25-year-old patient.

Hitler, Mohamed Ali, Ozzy Osborne, John Paul II, Vyacheslav Zaitsev, Valentin Gaft, Salvador Dali, Mao Zedong suffered from Parkinson’s disease. The first operation in the world to introduce a biostimulator was carried out in 1987, now the neurostimulation technique is successfully used in the USA, Europe, and Asia. In Kazakhstan, it was first tested in 2013, but until now, operations have been carried out only in the capital and Karaganda.

– This is an excellent decision to open a center for the surgical treatment of Parkinson’s diseases on the basis of SOVMINKI, because 62% of the country’s population lives in the south and they did not have the opportunity to be treated free of charge in their region. The operation itself is very expensive, now it can be done on a quota here in the central hospital. This year alone, we plan to install 50 stimulators.

As a prevention of Parkinson’s disease, the first functional neurosurgeon of Kazakhstan, Chingiz Shashkin, advised to lead a healthy lifestyle, move a lot, and eat right. He himself rides a bike in his free time, he says it helps him relieve stress.

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