Report taking a seminar for GP doctors and nurses.

Report taking a seminar for GP doctors and nurses.

Due to recent eventsin the world, the term “Telemedicine” has entered in our life.
Telemedicine – using of computer and telecommunication technologies for the exchange of medical information or the term “distance medicine”.
To train employees of JSC “Central Clinical Hospital” in Almaty programs are used: WhatsApp (video communication, SMS chats), Zoom, Skype, Facebook.
Employees can undergo advanced training using online programs without leaving the workplace. This form of training is definitely convenient, the quality of training usually depends on the teacher.
In December, doctors and nurses in the specialty of GP doctors were trained in the cycle “Safety of medical workers when working with COVID-19”, lecturer: she announced the last decree of the sanitary doctor Bekshin Zhandarbek Mukhtarovich, on the conduct of sanitary-anti-epidemic and sanitary-preventive measures No. 4

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