In honor of World Parkinson’s Day, which is celebrated on April 11, a charity marathon “Overcoming” for patients with this disease was held in Almaty under the motto “Parkinson’s disease is not a sentence. It was organized by the Society of Movement Disorders – Eurasia, the Center for the Surgical Treatment of Parkinson’s Diseases at the Sovminka and sponsors. Several dozen people gathered, despite a serious illness, which manifests itself in the form of trembling, stiffness, lethargy.

After the training, the participants went up to the Medeu dam by Nordic walking. The total route was 900 meters, for many it was a lot.

– Parkinson’s disease is the second most common among diseases of the nervous system after Alzheimer’s, we have 27 thousand people suffering from this disease, every year 2500 thousand fall ill, that is, a lot, and the disease is getting younger, – said neurosurgeon Chingiz Shashkin, – But the disease is not a sentence, The most important thing is to take medication correctly and be constantly active. A person must be socially active, you can not close and sit at home. All our rehabilitation is just based on movement. But in some cases, we conduct operations, starting this year on the basis of SOVMINKI on a quota.

The marathon participants themselves wanted to show that they are the same as everyone else by climbing the dam

– In the yard, some people think that I drink, someone regrets all the time, that is, not all of society accepts us, – said Nurgaip Tleubaev, – We exist and want to live like everyone else, and not fall into depression. Now we have a special center at the Council of Ministers, where we receive support.

Shara Mukasheva with Parkinson even continues to run her construction business, she tries to find the positive in everything and encourages her colleagues in misfortune to do this.

– One of the symptoms of the disease is discipline, we are used to taking medicines by the clock and according to the scheme. It changed our life, we are very punctual, we said today to come at 9, we came and everyone went up to the dam together. I would like to note another positive point, this disease is stellar, the Pope, Mao Zedong, Salvador Dali suffered from Parkinson’s, there are also many leaders and politicians among us. The disease changes a person, and we try to develop for the better, someone draws, knits, sews, designs crafts, writes poetry, got carried away with walking, although they didn’t know how to do it before.

The Almaty marathon was supported by the five-time Olympic champion with Parkinson’s disease Vasily Boev, after completing the summit, he shared his story of overcoming. It was decided to hold a marathon in support of the sick every year.

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